A chance to receive bespoke guidance from the Guru

For several years readers of Writers' Forum have followed the enigmatic and ever-hungry Guru as he has instructed his disciple, grateful for any crumbs of writing wisdom that fell their way. But here at last is an opportunity to correspond personally with the Guru and create your very best writing…

  1. Students should realise that criticism is intended to be helpful, and they should not take offence.
  2. Submit one story at a time, maximum 1500 words approximately, OR the first three chapters of your novel plus an indication of how the plot might progress, if you have got that far.
  3. The cost is £35 per submission (or resubmission) with a minimum of four submissions. More than four submissions is acceptable.
  4. Submitted work must be typed or printed on paper. Handwritten material will not be read.
  5. Work should be triple-spaced to allow room for the Guru’s comments, which will be handwritten.
  6. A large self-addressed envelope with sufficient return postage is essential.
  7. Students will be asked to resubmit their work with the Guru’s suggestions taken into account, or, perhaps, send new work. Resubmissions should be sent reasonably quickly so that the Guru remembers what they are about.
  8. Suggestions and criticism will be mild to start, and become more searching with each submission.
    Be prepared!
  9. Failure to resubmit or submit further work will be the responsibility of the student – no refund.
  10. Submitted work will be returned in about a week depending on the post and how exhausted the Guru is.
  11. The Guru is wise enough not to guarantee publication of a student’s work. The Guru gives no advice on the the shifting sand that is the world of publishing.

The minimum sum of £140 should be sent with your first submission. Please make cheques payable to 'Select Publisher Services Ltd', or you can pay online by card via our secure website here

The address for all correspondence is:

The Guru, Writers’ Forum,
PO Box 6337, Bournemouth BH1 9EH

The Guru takes no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post or anywhere else. For further help call 01202 586848 during office hours.


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